band name / bio

In 2019 the members of the band met in a semi-abandoned house where we lived for one year. The house in which we met had once stood proud. Throughout time neglect, greed and hubris had caused a large part of the building to be uninhabitable. Several fires had ravaged the structure, leaving a blackened voids where life once was.

Over the years many people passed through the gates of this house. Creatures from many different paths of life would spend their time within its walls. The blackened spirit of the building would impart its presence on all of its visitors. The smoke particles in the air, the signs of previous inhabitants once lost, and the cracks of its walls wherever one would look.

The decay of the house took a toll on all of those residing within. It's dark decay creeping into the minds of all those who chose to spend time there, like the soot seeping through the cracks of its foundations. The darkness would overcome its residents, filling their existence with a dark presence that beckoned to be noticed. The overbearing nature of which would ebb the spark of life away, leaving only terror in its wake. 

House of Terror are a two member Psychedelic Progressive Rock band from Berlin. The music encompasses ambient sonic soundscapes, shifting time changes and explosive passages that take the listener on a technicolor story through time and space.